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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

4 Ways to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria

See the 4 ways to eradicate poverty in Nigeria. In this article, you will find useful recommendations for individuals and government in terms of poverty alleviation and eradication.
If you think about how rich Nigeria could have been, the word poverty, would leave a sour taste in your mouth.
In this article, you will learn about ways to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.
eradicate poverty in Nigeria
Poor Child but hopeful
I will begin by defining the terms, reveal the causes of poverty and then show you how individuals can wipe out poverty by education and learning a trade.
Finally, I will discuss the role government and international community play in eradicating poverty.
By the end of the article, you will find that the various ways you earn a living, are actually ways of eradicating poverty.
Let’s begin …

Definition of Terms

To eradicate means to “get rid of, wipe out, destroy, exterminate, do away with, stamp out and remove”.
Poverty means “a state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing”, “It is the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions”.
From these definitions, you will realize that:
Poverty makes you powerless to provide for your basic needs for food, clothing and housing. You will lack money, if you don’t have money making skills or due to shortage of jobs. To change this situation, get a skill and solve problem for others.
If you do not have a means of livelihood you will be poor. As you can see money flows to anyone who can solve problems for others. You receive payment for serving people.
Keeping above definitions in view, you must solve the problem of lack of money which pays for food, clothing and housing to eradicate poverty.
As we look for ways to eradicate poverty, we must find out the causes too.

Factors That Cause Poverty in Nigeria

There are many causes of poverty but I will mention very important ones. Here they are:
  • high cost of getting education
  • corruption by government officials who squander public funds
  • universities producing graduates without skills
  • Large scale unemployment
  • over population due to lack of family planning
  • farming just for survival instead of using machines and fertilizer
  • bush burning destroying the forest and using up the soil nutrients
  • bad living conditions
  • high cost of accommodation due to scarcity of houses
  • few modern medical facilities
  • high cost of living due to inflation
  • preference for foreign products instead of local ones
  • A few industries producing below installed capacity
You can see from the causes we have listed, that both the citizens and the government had their roles to play in the creation of these problems.
What are the Ways to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria?
It is very important we deal with poverty to reduce vices like armed robbery, drug abuse and prostitution. Individuals can eradicate poverty in Nigeria by getting education and learning a trade or vocation.
A little more explanation of how you can achieve this feat will do. So here we go.

1. Getting Education

I wish to state that having access to education is a way of escaping poverty.
How is this possible? When you are educated you get particular skills and potential power for earning money. But if you specialize in a particular field, it will increase your ability to earn money.
Education also influences how you think and behave. It enables you to:
  • get a skill with which you can serve people
  • serve a purpose by solving problems in a particular line of work
  • serve more people so that you will earn more money
  • improve your ability by experience at work
  • develop your skill and get extra qualification to advance your career
  • plan your life, have a vision, pursue and achieve it.
  • plan your family and have the number of children you can train
  • get a good job to improve your standard of living
From these points you can see how education potentially wipes out poverty.
Next, we will discuss how learning a trade makes it possible for you to eradicate poverty as well.

2. Learning a Trade

If you learn a trade and develop expertise, it can help you earn a good living. You can learn various skills from knowledgeable people which will position you to beat poverty.
For example, you may be uneducated but you can learn to work as a motor mechanic, brick layer, web designer, graphic designer, furniture making, laying tiles, and roofing a house and electrical repairs.
All these vocations are always in hot demand, so you can never be hungry if you get the necessary training or apprenticeship.
Two Additional Ways to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria
Let us discuss two other ways for eradicating poverty in Nigeria. They include the government and international organizations.

3. Ways of Eradicating Poverty in Nigeria by the Government

Government must start programs like- Agricultural sector reform, to make sure Nigeria can feed itself.
This reform will bring about massive employment in the sector from increase in output, and many businesses will be set up to support the agric sector.
The agric sector reform can take place if government supports farmers by:
  • providing infrastructure
  • giving farmers small loans
  • ensuring interest rate on agric loans is single digit
  • providing high yield seedlings for farmers
  • subsidizing sale of fertilizers to farmers
  • helping small farmers grow into big ones who use mechanized farming
  • discouraging subsistence farming
  • encouraging produce buyers to buy harvest by farmers
  • providing storage facilities for perishable goods like tomatoes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Providing social safety nets to cater for poor Nigerians
  • Improving the ease of doing business in Nigeria
After discussing government’s role, the last group we will discuss is International organizations contribution to the eradication of poverty in Nigeria.
4. Ways to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria by International Organizations
Many International Organizations such as Word Bank and organs of United Nations help to eradicate poverty in developing nations and the world at large.
These organizations donate large sums of money and send volunteers to serve in Nigeria, and the other parts of the world. They offer food, healthy nutrition and medicine to fight diseases.
They also, grant large loans to governments, improve food production and distribution, provide health services and educational programs for women and children, and encourage democracy and good governance.
Closing Remarks
I showed you some ways to eradicate poverty in Nigeria, but the list is not complete. I know the task is hard, but we can do it if we resolve to get education, learn a trade and gain expertise.
If government plays its part by creating the enabling environment for agriculture, export and other productive activities to prosper, international organizations like World Bank and United Nations, will continue to help us as we try to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

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