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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to start making money Online ,With Importation Biz 100%

Attention: Anyone interested in starting a real international Mini Importation Business; and turning it into a thriving cash pumping stream of income.
How You Can Start And Successfully Run An Online Mini Importation Business in Nigeria With As Little As N10,450 Capital And Make Up To N250,000 to N450,000 Monthly.
...No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures; No Huge Capital Outlay!

Pay close attention and in the next few minutes, you'll discover how to:
 Import High quality products from all over the world for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices.
 What's more, you'll learn the best kept secret of successful importers... How you can easily import from China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and from all over the world completely risk free using O.P.M or... other peoples' money.

Truth is...
It's becoming near impossible to compete in ANY merchandise-based business today without importing. So the sooner you learn how, the better...and trust me, it's really not as hard as you think.
In fact, I'd like to dispel a few myths about importing...

MYTH #1: People tell you, importation involves more paperwork which are nightmare!
FACTYour import agent will do all the paperwork for you - error free!

MYTH #2: They say, you have to go to Asia in person.
FACTToday, it's actually easier to import 100% online and cheaper 99% cases.

MYTH #3: Imported goods are all crap and cheap Chinese junks.
FACTMany quality supplies like Mercedes, Apple and even Harley Davidson import most of what they sell today. Even the big names in Nigeria like Jumia, Slot, Taafoo, Alaba & Computer village guys etc import all the stuffs they sell here for peanuts and sell to people at three to five times the cost price.

MYTH #4: They lie that you have to have tons of CASH to import.
FACTToday, you can start your mini importation business with as low as N10,450 or better still import virtually cash and risk free using other peoples' money - O.P.M... more on this later!

Look, I've been in this business for over 3 years and I've made all the mistakes anyone ever could but I've had some successes along the way too...

Here is a real world example of mine...
Sometime back, I wanted to order a bunch of these:
Do you know what this is? It's a Bracelet Style Lady's Crystal Quartz Watch.
And the reason I wanted to import this was not just because of the insanely cheap price, but it's something that can easily sell off fast. I earlier got one for my lady and ever since then, her colleagues in the office have been all over her.
My import cost was just $3.85 a unit ... (Approximately N600)
Now, before I ordered for this, I spoke with a shop owner and showed her a sample of this very wrist watch, and she easily agreed to pay N2,200 for each... and went for 200 pieces of the wrist watch.

My cost was N120,000 (N600 x 200)
But before that freaks you out - you think you don't have N120,000, hear this;
I asked her to pay only N1,500 per unit instead of the N2,200 she agreed on earlier to sweeten the deal and make it utterly irresistible for her, but on one condition...
And the condition is; that she will pay half of the total cost of what's she supposed to pay in advance.
We agreed on getting her 200 pieces of this item...
So, total cost was N1,500 x 200 = N300,000
She paid me N150,000... initially!
I imported the 200 items at N120,000 (N600 x 200) and delivered to her in 2 weeks time. After another 5 days, he paid me the balance of N150,000.

N180,000 pure Profit
N30,000 from the first payment + N150,000 final payment!
Without even using my money... OPM!

You start to see the profit right?
You haven't seen anything yet I bet you...

That's the way the game works on the importing thing... You start to see why this is the Greatest Business on Earth?
You started to see it's one of the easiest business you can start today, that won't leave a hole in your pocket, yet be able to make you unbelievable cash...?
It is... and it's so easy, you can do this... I promise.
All you need is some basic knowledge of how it all works...

So Easy You Mean?
Okay, I know what you're probably thinking now...
You are likely saying to yourself... But I've heard or bought into various products from people who claim to show you how to start mini online importation business, but it didn't work.
Some even go around posting garbage like "how to buy brand new blackberry for N5,000, how to buy brand new laptops for N12,000" and so on...
The truth is, they may be able to buy some stuffs online at cheap prices, but they are not in business.
They're only interested in making few hundreds of naira here and there... maybe from selling their half baked e-books or so... (mind you, I'm not against people selling what they know though! Only interested in where the real money is... and that's exactly where I'm taking you to)

Mini Importation Is A Business And Should Be Seen As One!
To really make significant headway in this business, you need to think outside the box. That's exactly what I did that led me to discovering the OPM method - other people's money.
A pie of it I cut to one of my student Eniola, was exactly what was responsible for his turning the N10,450 (he borrowed from his mom) to over N250,000 in 29 days. You remember Eniola's story? I shared it here.
Hey, if you're like me, you'd want to forget about these fly by night gurus who sing and chant about buying blackberry, laptop etc from secrets websites for N5,000 and so on... and start thinking about how to dig deep into this business and cut your own pie of this internet cake.
Chances are you may already know some of these site... but are you making SERIOUS money from them yet?

My Guess Is As True As Yours!
Of course you're either not outrightly making as much as you ought to or you're making nothing yet.
And the reason is simple: You don't have the tonic, the jealously guarded secret game changer... the difference making push buttons... the same tips that separates the movers from the peanut chasers!
It's not your fault... you've been fed all the lies by the ever hungry gurus, and that's what's been limiting you!

But There's Hope!
I'm aware of all that...
That's why I recently spent a whole uninterrupted 7 days documenting everything I've learnt in the last 3 years about mini importation business in a comprehensive report.
The truth is that, I've made the report the best I can, so that anyone can study it, and be able to make a living importing stuffs online with little or NO capital.
This is an amazing and funny report loaded with lessons and stories that will make you a master of this business and today you can get a copy right away - but more on that in a minute!

Oh no!
I forgot to say that in all, you get over 3 years of mini importation experience in just a couple of hours.
This report will be crucial for your success in the mini importation business. No other successful importer would ever share "insider" information like this. Just go ask one and see what they say.

Okay, let me say a little more about myself;
My name is Law O. rasheed and I have really been into what I call the Online Mini Importation Business for over 3 years now, under the company name; Lawrapol Marketing Groups - . I have also successfully trained and helped hundreds of Nigerians and nationals of other countries to earn steady income and sustain their livelihoods, by helping them set up their own Online Mini Importation businesses, with little or no capital. Pictures of recent training shortly.

Why do I do this?
The present downturn in the global economy with its attendant effects of mass unemployment and job loss is not peculiar to Nigeria. However, developing nations such as Nigeria are obviously bearing a greater share of the burden.
Some time back, specifically October 2012, Nigeria’s Statistician-General of the Federation stated that about 20.3 million Nigerians were currently jobless and not employed in any form of job. Now, that was some 23.9% of Nigeria’s total labor force and this figure has consistently increased from what it was in 2006 (at 5.3%).
Again, the volume of job loss across Nigeria continues to be a worrisome issue. While many organizations are shutting down operations, others have downsized their workforce due to pressing economic reasons.  In July 2012, for instance, the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions raised an alarm over on-going massive retrenchment in the banking sector where it alleged that no fewer than 9,000 employees had been laid off in the preceding 12 months.
Just recently also, INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, said 800,000 people applied for the 1,500 vacancies in the commission – Punch
When added to the millions of tertiary school graduates that Nigerian institutions of higher learning continuously “throw up” into the labor market, the gloomy state of unemployment in the country can best be imagined. Again, add this to the fact that many Nigerians, who are even presently employed  are owed backlogs of salaries by their employers, while inflation continues to eat into the purses of a few whose salaries and wages have been relatively constant.
How do you as an Individual, an average Nigerian, get the necessary financial capacity to take care of the needs of your family, grow funds for future investment and live the kind of comfortable life you wish.

What Is The Way Out For The Average Nigerian?
In order to make ends meet, people nowadays not only need to have access to Multiple Streams of Income, but also businesses that bring Constant Streams of Income  – trading… buying and selling... a business whereby the products or goods you sell are rapidly bought by consumers and you need not spend through your nose to raise capital to buy these products…a business in which you import the goods by yourself, right in front of your computer without going through the bureaucratic procedures of Nigeria Customs Service and other government agencies (no import tariffs, no bill of lading, no bill of entry, no FORM M, etc)… where you do not need a warehouse, not even a shop!
It is called the Online Mini Importation Business: Importing Items Online From The Comfort of Your PC And At Dead Cheap Prices!

Hey my soon to be import superstar friend,
 Do you know there are selected genuine websites/portals where you can order for goods, ranging from appliances and gadgets to clothing and women’s hair accessories, to smart phones, jewelries etc conveniently, in bulk and at rock-bottom funny prices?
 Do you know getting access to a safe, secure mode of payment that is acceptable on these sites is a breeze?
 Do you know you can invest as little as N10,450 monthly and make as much as N250,000 to N400,000 naira monthly from this mini online importation business?
 Do you know you can even get most of these products brought to you, free of shipping costs - this secret of 100% free shipping will shock you big time?.
 …and in the event you don’t know, getting a horde of ready-to-pay buyers is not a bother, as many of the products you will be importing are fast moving consumer hot in demand goods; products that people buy on daily basis.

 You See, It’s Dead Easy, But I Have Gone Ahead To Make It A Lot Simpler For You…

Up till now, the only way to really learn this business was to cough out about N80,000 toN150,000 for the few guys who are doing this business already... that's only if they'll agree to teach you.
Not Anymore...
Yeah, I have put all the steps and tricks you need to learn and successfully turn a mini importer rock star into a fast-paced easy to read, hold-me-by-the-hand step by step comprehensive guide.
The best system on mini importation business ever created.

Now, if you're lucky to download your copy of The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide beforeApril 28, 2017 , you'll simply get access to the REAL secrets, plus everything you need to know to kick start a thriving mini importation business, right from where ever you are right now with or without capital.
...and not just starting the business for the sake of starting one, but doing it the Pat's peculiar way and growing it into a N250,000 to N450,000 per month sure income stream faster than you've ever thought possible.

Remember, money and business love speed :)

Inside The Ultimate Mini Importation Guide, You'll Learn…
 How to get started as a mini importer in the next 72 hours, even if you are dead broke like I was when I started out - you'll so love this... those fake gurus out there don't know it. I'm sure most of them, will even purchase this guide because of this tip alone.
 The 4 “secret” 100% guaranteed import portals where you can do all your importation on with peace of mind. Don't even try to guess L. It's certainly not what you think!
 The 2 words that get the "brother-in-law" price on everything you ever order. Ha ha ha, drop these two words and you're unto the best lowest price ever.
 How to avoid virtually ALL the paper works of importing and eliminate costly mistakes.
 My 1,2,3 simple steps to verify sellers so as to ascertain their experience with their past customers. Dare venture into this business without these tips, you're on your own.
 My simple trick of knocking of shipping fee, and getting FREE shipping on every item I order... I can vouch that apart from the group of people that I attended my last workshop recently in Lagos, I am the only one using this trick for now. With this trick, even when the seller requires you to pay some amount as shipping fee, he bows to this trick and ship your order free to you.
 How to make every payment for your order with your normal ATM cards (yes, the same ATM cards issued by your bank... but there's more to whatever you may be thinking right now.)
 Separating the real wholesalers from the middlemen; how to identify the scammers of the industry.
 The simple phrase to use on sellers to make sellers treat with you preferentially.
 How to compare prices and quality, and narrow down to the best offers.
 How to determine hot in demand products that are guaranteed to sell. Going for the wrong products will make you hit the rock like most people that have ventured into this business with half information. Just one out of my list of top hot in demand product made my 22 years old student over N20,000 profit in his first deal.
 How to track shipments and confirm deliveries - what you must not do before shipment.
 How to by pass every Custom wahalas... This trick is dead simple but works like gangbusters.
 How to get manufacturers to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE. If your name or business name is Smart Watches for example, you'll get all your products branded with it. This presents you as an authority and attract more buyers.
 How to market your goods to consumers, using only social media (no need for a website - this will wow you seriously!)
 One important thing you must do in order to succeed... Miss this, and be ready to turn to the all sorrowful importer.
 How to even make more money teaching people your importation knowledge in seminars and consultations. The least I charge for a 1 on 1 on this is N75,000... that's if I'm in a happy moodJ   
And a lots more...

I think you get the point now!
Or do we still look at some practical case study of the wonders you can do with this business?

More Proofs:
Okay, I'll let you see some more...

The above is a 7 inch Android phone selling for just $56 + FREE shipping!
$56 should be about N8,960 or so.
Here’s an email I received from one of the people that benefited from my mini importation knowledge. She bought this very $56 (N8,960) android and resold it for N40,000 to her colleague in the office the next day.
Profit = N40,000 - N8,960 = N31,040

Yet another email:
And another...

Blackberry phones are HOT now right?
You probably know how hot blackberry phones are right now, and one
of the most used is Curve 2:
If you’re in doubt, you can just visit some Nigerian sites/merchants where these stuffs are sold, like Jumia, Taafoo, Slot, computer village and Alaba guys and see for yourself.

What about jewelries?

Another proof:
Needless I say that the average Nigerian lady can easily cough out N5,000 to N10,000 for this, than pay for their school text

One sweet thing about these importation portals is that; you're 100% secured, because if by chance you did not receive your item or if the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can report and have your money returned to your account within 72 hours:
I even had to use this great feature recently for two orders that I didn't receive.

Take a look;
This was for a $196 (equivalent of N31,309) order I didn't receive.

I requested for a refund and in exactly 6 working days, I got the money back in my bank account:

And this other one;

Here's the cash in my bank account after 4 days;

You can see how secured and easy this business it. No matter what happens, you can always get your money back! 

Ready To Make That Decision Of A Lifetime?
 >>> Click Here To Start <<<
Remember, the future belongs to those who wait take action.

Hey, Wait! Lest I Forget…

You too can replicate this system if you allow me to show you:
 Great 100% safe and secured sites/portals you can order for hot in demand items at cheap rates.
 How to kick start your mini importation business 72 hours from now and make big cash monthly. I’m talking about N250k to N500k monthly here.
 How to narrow down to the 5 star sellers and even develop personal relationships with them, so that you guys can get more serious and do more serious business together.
 How to get the particular ATM cards to successfully make payments to these importation sites,  same day you approach the bank and will not have to pay a dime. You might even have the card already LOL!
  The very particular product my students sell that makes them the big bucks – I’ll even give you a direct link to this product so that you too can order for it and resell here. This product sells like hot cakes here in Nigeria.
  5 evergreen products that will always sell. Even if you order 1 million pieces of these products, wholesale buyers are always on ground to buy them off from you. You’ll love this!
  How to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using just 2 tools you already have… (Shhh….don’t say I told you, but one of them is your Facebook account!)
  How to approach sellers who charge shipping fees and make them even beg you to buy goods without paying the shipping fees (I was totally blown away, when I learnt of this guaranteed-to-work tip!).
 How to position yourself before the courier companies and make them treat you and your products preferentially (I never believed this tip this much would work until I try it!)

Ok, enough of the description. I think You Get The Points Clearer Now?

Or Do We Look At Some Honest Unsolicited Opinions Of Nigerians About The Guide?

I'm sure you're overly convinced and can't wait to download your copy right away...

So, How Much For The Comprehensive Ultimate Mini Importation Guide Right?

What WOULD you expect to pay for a complete mini import business success system like this? Remember, this is more like a ticket to a better and financially stable 2016 and beyond...
Before I tell you, let me point out some facts you may already know to you. You'll be learning first hand from a respected small scale importer of 3 years experience. I will personally make sure you succeed with your mini import business. Believe me! People charge as high as N85,000 to N150,000 just to teach these secrets, and what they teach aren't close to what you'll be learning from the guide.

So, if I tell you to pay any of the prices below, I'll be justified right?
I’m sure you're aware that what you're about to learn is worth more than its price in GOLD, but I am ready to make everything available to you Today for One Low Payment of Just:

That's it!
There's no ongoing monthly charges - It's just N3,500 for the entire guide forever...

For the first 50 people to place their orders fast.

So, Why So Cheap?
Simple... Because I am a business consultant and I help people like you succeed. I figure if I give you a GREAT value now you might hire me in some other capacity later or even get more of my products... and pay me more :)

That's My Modus Operandi. I'm not going to get rich with that N3,500
So you see, I'm really motivated to deliver you GREATNESS on our very first transaction.
WARNING: This system will only be available at this price for a limited time... sorry, I will be charging more afterwards... because I just launched this website, I really need to get this guide to the first 50 persons at that cheap price and in turn ask them for their honest testimonial to be used on this site when the price goes up!.
So procrastinating is entirely your decision, but when you do and you're left out, do not come complaining to us.

"The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step"
It's time for you to take the first baby step towards your dream...

Just to make things easy for you, I've decided to take all the risk on my shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee...
Because I am so sure of the effectiveness of the information contained in this guide, because I'm sure the strategies outlined in this guide will save you nights of endless sleeplessness, I've covered you with a rock solid 100% no-question asked- guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulder such that, there's zero risk for you at all....

And here's my guarantee:

You Haven't Seen This Kind Before Right?

Yea! I had to bring in that guarantee thing in to show you how sure I am when I say this is the best business anyone can do...

What if I Decide To Blow You Off The More?
To further sweeten the deal for you, I'm throwing in 4 ethical outrageous bribe in the form of irresistible BONUSES for you, if you happen to get your copy of the guide before April 28, 2017.

Here are the 4 outrageous bonuses:

As you can see, the 4 bonuses are worth over N99,000... they are some of the information products I've invested in, in the course of my digging and researching into this business.
Once you get your copy of The Ultimate Mini Online Importation Guide before April 28, 2017, you'll be entitled to these bonuses at no extra cost.

 This is a system designed by a mini importer who has been very successful in the business you want to start so you know my method works.
 By trying the system today, you get a ridiculously low price you'll NEVER see again and my N99,000 worth of FREE Bonus. and consultation.
 The entire process is RISK FREE and covered by my no questions asked 100% money back GUARANTEE.
 This is truly no brainer.

Wait! You Think Getting The 50 Persons Is Going To Be A Task?
Think again!
Currently, we have adverts running online (Google, Facebook and some top newspaper websites)
In just few days of running these adverts, we got over 6,300 people interested in learning about this business.
See proof:
As you can see from the image above, over 6,300 people are interested in learning how to successfully start this mini importation business, even without a capital and grow it up to a business that yields over N250,000 monthly in no time.

So, you don't even expect me to press hard on anyone before having the 50 spaces filled up, when over 6,300 people already showed HOT interest.
Hence, 6,300 people are presently jostling for the limited 50 spaces!

Oh!, Did I Forget To Tell You That We Held A Live Workshop Recently In Ikeja Lagos, With All The Attendees Smiling Home With Contentment?
(A cross section of attendees at the workshop)
(A Chief Correspondent Editor With one of the National Dailies And Myself)

Seriously, the attendees were wowed beyond their expectations; that some couldn't wait to get home before sending us their opinion... Yes, some even sent theirs right from the workshop venue.
Here's what Mr. Dele, a renowned medical doctor had to say about the workshop;
Lol... his wife shocked and almost cried :(

From another attendee;

This other guy has already applied one of the tricks to knock free shipping on an order he's about making:
Positive testimonials like this are too numerous... that I can go on and on listing them here, if you allow me.

Enough said; one thing I am cork sure is...

...the information presented in the guide can help you kick start your mini importation business with little or no capital.

But, I'm afraid you may have one problem... and that is... "will you use the methods laid down in the guide?"

I look forward to hearing about your success with your importation sojourn. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

Start Importing Cheaply today!

Best Wishes,

Law O. Rasheed
For more inquiries, call; 081 7803 5958 available from 9am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays only)
PS: My 4 outrageous bonuses are only for those who orders before This Month, 2017. Also, the introductory price of N3,500 is valid for the next 50 orders! You wouldn't want to get it when the bonuses are gone, and the price shoots up!
PPS:  Remember, I've taken all the risk on my shoulders; you risk nothing. You’re 100% protected. Not only do you get our 6 Months guarantee, you're protecting yourself from getting burnt. Get Started With Little Capital Today!
PPPS: Wondering what the contents of the guide looks like, see the first 3 pages here.
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