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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Man Kidnaps Himself In An Attempt To Extort $15,000 From His Wife (Photo)

A dubious man who pretended to be kidnapped just to extort money from his wife has been arrested by the police.

A Chinese man kidnapped himself in an attempt to squeeze out huge cash from his wife.

The police in Yibin of southwest China’s Sichuan province received a report from a woman saying that her husband had been kidnapped on January 18, 2017. Yet it turned out to be a staged “kidnapping farce” by the husband who wanted some money from his wife for the upcoming Spring Festival.

According to the wife, the “kidnapper” demanded 100,000 yuan (about $15,000) ransom. Police launched an investigation immediately, only to later find out that Tang Daihai, the husband, kidnapped himself.

Tang was detained for ten days for the conduct.

A photo, showing a man lying in the trunk of the car with his mouth sealed by duct tape was sent to Tang’s wife on Wednesday evening. She immediately report to the police, who located the kidnapper and rushed to the scene for hostage rescue. It was right at that moment when the wife received a call from Tang saying that he had managed to escape, and he was heading back home.

Police had then made several attempts to meet with Tang on the case but were all declined.

During the investigation, more and more evidence emerged showing that the kidnapping was staged. When the police confronted it with Tang, he finally confessed that he kidnapped himself to ask money for Luna New Year, since his wife manages the finance in the family.

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